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Since establishing Skrann73, as well as working with health conscious individuals across Glasgow we have also had the pleasure of working with many training athletes. Skrann73 works hard to provide the nutrition and fuel their bodies need to help them reach peak physical fitness.

Interested in working with Skrann73? Why not get in touch, we're always looking for athletes (established & up and coming) who are interested in taking their nutrition and fitness to the next level!


UK#1 WBC European, WBC International and the ISKA, Enfusion & Lion Fight World Title Holder

Amy Pirnie

Amy Pirnie is a Champion Muay Thai fighter, who currently holds the UK#1 spot in her weight class, the WBC European, WBC International and ISKA World Title, Lion Fight World Title &  Enfusion World Title. Amy is a very decorated athlete and has been successfully competing in Muay Thai for the last 13 years and boasts an undefeated junior fight record, she also won two gold medals whilst fighting for Scotland in Thailand at only 15 and won gold the following year in Korea. She began her pro career at 16 and holds a record of 21W 3L & 1D and has fought on some of the highest rated shows in Europe. She has also attained a degree in Sports Therapy and now not only fights professionally but coaches and runs her own therapy business. 

Amy Says:

 "Skrann73 have Really Made my Fight Preparations Easier, they have taken care of my Food Prep in my Preparations for my fights, Skrann73’s meals are Clean & Healthy Meals that are jam packed with flavour making my weight cuts a whole lot easier, they even tailor my meals to fit my macros to suit all my needs for making fight weight.”


UK#3 , Scotland #2 & Holder of 3 Titles

Raymond (better known as Mondo) Woodcock is  a 31 year old Muay Tie Fighter,  Strength & Conditioning Coach & a Muay Tie Coach. With 30+ fights under his belt, gained in the last nine years, Mondo currently holds three Scottish Title and is ranked #3 in his weight class in the UK and #2 in Scotland.  Mondo's passion for not just fighting and coaching is clear from the moment you meet him and he is currently arranging fights for this year and beyond. 

mondo Says:

"Dieting for fighting sucks, but Skrann73 make that a hell of a lot easier and tastier...Skrann73 have been an awesome help in getting me prepped and fuelled for my camps and it's a pleasure to have them backing me and their faith in my ability as a pro fighter"

David sinclair

UKMF British Open Champion, Yokkao Intercontinental Open Champion &
IFMA Baltic Open Gold Medallist

David is a young talented fighter who fights in The Griphouse MMA Gym in Glasgow and is a current member of the UKMFs team GB. David is ambitious and has already set his sights on winning Gold at the IFMA world championships, Meanwhile he will continue fighting across the world and hopefully rise to No.1 in his respective weight class.

david says

“The worst thing about fighting has to be dieting, from coming in late from training and having to cook your own meals to making sure it’s all within my Marcos. But with Skrann73 they cover that for me with having fresh prepped meals for between session keeping me fuelled for the next and for coming into after a tough hard session at night. Ever since starting with Skrann73 it’s made fight camps and dieting for fights a lot easier.”

nico carrillo

UK#6  Super Lightweight

Nico Is another Great Young Fighter who Fights in the Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy and is one of their best fighters. Nico has recently come  back from a lengthy injury which has made him realise just what fighting means to him leading him to quitting his job and going full time with his fighting and calling  out many of the ‘ONE Championship Roster’! Nico has the belief and the talent to go all the way and here at Skrann73 we second that! We will be helping Nico with his nutrition during his fight camps which will be coming thick and fast as Nico tries to move up the ladder at an alarming rate!

nico says

“Working with Skrann73 has made dieting for a fight easy! I am convinced it’s not healthy because it tastes so good. After eating the meals during my camp I quickly discovered the meals weren’t just tasty and packed with flavour, they really are healthy as they made me feel lighter, faster, stronger due to the fact I was fuelling my body with the correct food and the correct times, this allows me to concentrate more on my training which can only have a positive effect. With the backing of Scott and his team I really believe more than ever the sky is the limit for me!”

stevie irvine

UK#2 Junior Featherweight

Stevie is a great young fighter who fights in the very well respected Muay Thai gym in Yoker Glasgow’s Thai Boxing Academy otherwise known as GTBA. GTBA have something very special going on right know and that is shown of by the very top-quality standard of fighter they’re producing! Stevie is one of their best and is also the current UK No.2 in his weight class which for a young man is a great achievement!

stevie says

“Working with Skrann has took a big weight off my shoulders with my weight cuts and fight camp dieting, this is allowing me to concentrate more on training and also means I can get in invaluable ---additional time in the gym in fight camps due the fact I am not having to prepare my meals before and after training, they are providing me with the best quality and tasting meal preps I have ever tasted, they have made making fight weight a doddle which can only be a good thing in my eyes!”

Skrann 73

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